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 Turtle Bridge (965 plays)
use the turtle as a bridge but doní»t fall
 AIB! (1677 plays)
Jump or duck to escape from the fruits
 The Global Rage (953 plays)
2-players fighting game
 Alien Cave (1363 plays)
try to naigate your ship for as long as possible
 Sail Voyage (602 plays)
Your mission is to voyage across the Tasman sea. Go through ...
 The Kungfu Statesmen (664 plays)
Choose from 1 of the 3 Kungfu master and go recover the all ...
 The Free Lancer (705 plays)
Freelance Ninja training and fighting
 Demolition Derby (787 plays)
Try to damage computer controlled cars before he did it to y...
 Amazing Golf Pro (1291 plays)
Another mini golf with qeird control
 Squirrel Golf II (847 plays)
There is no golf ball in this golf game. A squirrel is use i...
 105 Salmon (1374 plays)
Fishing Salmon with a spear
 Ask Guru Joe (1324 plays)
Ask Guru Joe questions about life, romance, business, etc th...
 Tic Tac Toe (1029 plays)
Tic Tac Toe - It's still a classic
 Conquesta (1224 plays)
This is one of the ancient puzzle game
 Pokemon 100 Challenge (811 plays)
Challenge your knowledge of Pokemon - identify the right pok...
 Dedal4 (1185 plays)
Race the PC player to run to the end of the maze and enter t...
 Balloony (1079 plays)
Shoot anything that moved on your screens
 Space Cowboy (746 plays)
Play the role of a space cowboy and navigate the distant pla...
 Fly Pig (860 plays)
Shoot down the flying pigs using shotgun. Make nice sandwich...
 Wolf 3d (844 plays)
A remake of the first 1st person shooter that started it all...
 King Ping Pong (2669 plays)
Play table tennis on PC
 Monkey Cliff Diving (861 plays)
Dive off from the cliff but doní»t get the monkey kill
 Shoot' em In (948 plays)
Move the player inside the half-circle with the mouse and cl...
 Hot Shot (957 plays)
Scored as many goals as possible in the time allocated

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